Plum is a fresh flavored and highly aromatic fruit, of light digestion, being round or oval with a heart-shaped structure, crossed by a groove that runs longitudinally, virtually dividing it into halves. Plum varieties are grown to be consumed as fresh fruit or as dried products.

Its functionality includes physical, bioactive and sensory properties.

Together with inulin, it’s used as a prebiotic, fat and sugar substitute and for functional food development, aimed to improve health through its beneficial role in gastric health.

Short-term beetroot supplementation enhances exercise tolerance in individuals with obesity.
Beetroot supplementation restores exercise capacity by improving oxygen delivery.

Originally comes from Western Asia, near the Caucasus and Caspian Sea regions, from where it migrated westwards through Europe and eventually arriving to North America. Chile ranks today as one of the world’s leading plums producers and exporters.

Great intestinal microbiota modifying potential. Reduces overweight prevalence. Delivers satiety sensation. Helps blood glucose levels regulation and lowers LDL cholesterol. High in fiber.

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