Nativ For Life works with local harvesters in southern Chile to bring ancient wisdom to modern society. They deliver health from pristine nature to contribute to a healthier society. They are committed to tradition and sustainability, partnering with indigenous communities in the area to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern society and provide health directly from untouched nature.

“Recognizing Indigenous Wisdom: Native communities hold generations of knowledge on healthy nutrition, medicinal practices, and sustainable agriculture. Their practices promote climate action, gender equality, and rural economies. Agriculture and wild harvesting preserve culture and support communities and the environment.”

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We collaborate with local harvesters to safeguard our wild heritage. Our joint efforts include training and implementing sustainability, traceability, quality, safety, and sustainability programs. This collaboration ensures a fair income for indigenous families and helps us consistently offer the best local products. We also create economic opportunities for small organic farmers by guaranteeing fair and equitable wages, and fostering healthy working conditions.

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