Maqui Berry

This small fruit is an oval-shaped berry. It grows mainly in forest

boundaries and watercourses beds, generally with good light exposure,

being an important species in erosion control.

It is considered a “super fruit” for its recognized antioxidant property,

the most powerful in our planet.


The earliest record of the culinary and medicinal use of maqui dates back to 1646, when Alonso de Ovalle, the first Chilean chronicler, wrote “its leaves are good for burns, its black fruit is very tasty for it has a very pleasant spicy sweet, and stains mouth and hands when eaten”.

The Maqui is a true emblem for the Mapuche. They are a 12,000-year old culture that was about to disappear after the contact with the ancient Incas and successfully resisted the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors. Mapuche is the only tribe in the world that has never been subjected to any invader. Their energy and strength in battle was legendary, as well as their longevity and they give all credit to the daily use of the Maqui Berry.

Maqui Berry is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in facilitating the entry of blood glucose into cells, thereby contributing to maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
This remarkable superfood is rich in antioxidants, offering numerous health benefits that make it an excellent addition to your daily nutrition.

Benefits of Maqui Berry

 Maqui Berry helps in regulating blood sugar levels by facilitating the entry of glucose into cells. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking to maintain stable glycemic levels.

 Maqui Berry is known for its extraordinary antioxidant content, offering a staggering 19,000 antioxidant components. These antioxidants play a crucial role in preventing the accumulation of harmful sugars in the body.

 Our Maqui Berry Powder harnesses the natural antioxidants found in Maqui Berries, offering the full spectrum of benefits associated with this superfood.

 By promoting the regulation of blood sugar, our Maqui Berry Powder provides an essential element for overall health and well-being.

We take pride in offering a product that is free from preservatives and additives, ensuring it remains entirely natural.

Incorporating Nativ for Life Maqui Berry Powder into your diet not only introduces a unique and delightful flavor but also brings a spectrum of health benefits. It’s the perfect choice for those

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