Pickers / I+D


At Nativ For Life, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the fields and orchards to the very heart of our communities. Our dedicated team of pickers isn’t just a workforce; they are the stewards of our land, the guardians of tradition, and the backbone of our mission to bring nature’s wisdom to the modern world.

Research and Development (I+D)

At Nativ For Life, our I+D team is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Collaborating with top-tier universities, we conduct rigorous research on the health benefits of our products. Our focus on sustainable domestication and leading the organic wild harvesting sector reflects not just market leadership but a dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

We blend modern technology with ancient indigenous knowledge for innovative and sustainable products that honor tradition. We’re leaders in organic wild harvesting, setting quality standards and respecting nature to ensure a lasting legacy of nourishment.

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